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Farming Christian Link provides free Bibles, New Testaments and other Christian literature to help those seeking to know God, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage Christians in their faith.   The titles below have been selected for that purpose.  

If you wish to receive one of these books, please click here with the title together with your name and address. 

These publications are available free for personal use or giving to a relative of friend.   However we regret that we cannot accept requests for bulk distribution or from outside the UK.






Holy Bible

A modern translation (NIV) with Concordance

Daily Strength

Booklet of Bible verses for each day of the month finishing with three Psalms and the Lord’s Prayer

Living with Loss

Scripture verses of comfort and strength.

Other Literature

Why Believe the Bible?

The Bible is still the world’s best seller, and millions read it daily and base their lives upon it.  Why?

Why on Earth did Jesus Come?

If you get the message no Christmas Day will ever be the same

Who is Jesus?

Who is the real Jesus and why knowing Him matters to you today.

Jesus: Dead or Alive?

Examines the evidence and shows why there is only one convincing answer.

Anyone for Heaven?

Can we know what our eternal destiny is?

Ultimate Questions

Is there a God? Why am I here? Where am I going? And other questions answered in this booklet.

Evolution Fact or Fiction?

What is the evidence for evolution or is there another explanation for life?

Why all the Suffering?

Gives the answer to this frequently asked question