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Farming Christian Link seeks to bring a Christian witness and help to those in farming and rural areas.  Hundreds of villages and farming communities are without any Christian presence.

As Christians our desire is to tell others how amazing God is, what He has done for us through the Lord Jesus Christ, and how He changes lives. 

The Greatest Man - Jesus Christ



In the New Testament you can find out more about the "The Greatest Man" and that He is alive today.  

The  New Testaments below are free. To send for your free copy click here.  Please provide you name and address and post code.              This information will only be used for this purpose and we promise that nobody will call at you home.         One free New Testament only per address.  Supplied to UK addresses only.



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On this Website you will find:-

    • Verses from the Bible that can be a help and guidance in your life.
    • Prayer support for you, your family and friends. 
    • Free Books and literature available.
    • Women's Circle with its own quarterly magazine.
    • A list of Agricultural and other shows that God willing we will be attending this year. 
    • A list of other organisations for help and advice.
    • How you can contact us.
    • Who we are and how this ministry started

Please browse through the pages.   You are free to download any items that you find helpful.  We will always be pleased to hear from you if you would like further help or advice, or wish to be put on our mailing list for our Newsletters that are produced periodically.